How to Become a Visual Thinker.

Start drawing. At every opportunity. Create sketches, perspectives, or doodles on napkins, backs of envelopes, scraps of paper, vellum, mylar, or in a notebook. Use pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, colored pencils, or markers. Try to capture shade, shadow, light, dark, texture, and depth. Details, details, and more details. Study form, shape, space, and the organization of parts, pieces, or of … Read More

Vision and Scale

The Powers of Ten (1977), by Charles and Ray Eames, is a powerful short film that will change your perspective on the magnitude and scale of life. Can you simultaneously hold the details of the picnic scene and the larger patterns of our solar system and galaxy in your mind? Within organizations, leaders often need to maintain awareness of what … Read More


I was first exposed to the term coolhunting in William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition. “What I do is pattern recognition. I try to recognize a pattern before anyone else does.” — Cayce Pollard, in Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. Here’s a great article on why humans, for now, are the world’s best pattern recognition machines.