A clear and simple vision

a clear and simple vision

In a world full of noise and distractions, a clear and simple vision is the beacon that guides the way forward. Without it, your team will wander aimlessly, and your followers will be hard to come by. Distill your grand ambitions into simple words that everyone can understand. Keep it clear, concise, and compelling. Only then can you rally the … Read More

Change your structure and change your approach

in pursuit of mastery

When we change the way we organize ourselves, we change the way we approach our goals. Strategy is not a static plan, but rather a dynamic response to the environment in which we operate. By shifting our structure, we can unlock new opportunities and overcome challenges. Re-organizing a team prior to developing a strategy for a project can have the … Read More

Organizational complexity

organizational complexity

Organizations are complex creatures, with their own set of power struggles and dynamics. Even when leaders have a clear vision for their organization, they can face roadblocks and resistance when trying to make changes. Bureaucratic processes and policies can be super slow and put a damper on innovation. Meanwhile, internal power struggles can lead to turf wars and silos, making … Read More