Q&A with Section Cut: The World, Filtered by Design-Savvy Humans

Co-Founders of Section Cut Kyle Sturgeon, Director of Business Development for the Section Cut (SC) team, took time out of his busy day to speak with me about how they do business and their ambitious plans for the future. Background: Website: www.sectioncut.com Co-founded in 2010 by Robert Yuen, Jono Bentley Sturt, Kyle Sturgeon, and Dan Weissman. Vision:  In the discipline … Read More

Structural change creates friction–design reduces it.

Structural change creates friction. Political savvy and commitment to a long-term goal can help you create change that sticks. The most effective way to shepherd change is to work from both the macro and micro perspective. One should see the overall system as a detached observer and then zoom in to experience the details. Move back and forth between these perspectives … Read More

Create impact through action.

Innovation is becoming an overused word. What’s next? It’s hard to say. Rather than seeking to categorize or define a process, how about simply taking action? It’s as simple as identifying a problem and developing solutions. Don’t worry too much about the tags or labels that people use to define their work. Make an effort to transcend definition. This is … Read More