5 videos on the concept of co-creation.

Co-creation is the future of business. How will existing business structures adapt to constantly shifting economic, political, and social conditions? Successful businesses will be in a position to anticipate the changing conditions due to the strong connections inside and outside of the organization. Success in the future will revolve around working well with others. Businesses will be less concerned about … Read More

Visual thinking: relax and draw often.

S. Jancy/Parc Guell, Barcelona, Spain Based on several responses I received on a recent post of mine on visual thinking and drawing, I copied several images out of one of my sketchbooks to provide examples. In each of the drawings, I was working to record what I see and also think through the structure of and details of the subject. Well-designed organizations, … Read More

5 books on the concept of design leadership.

The books included on this list will give you both a broad overview of design leadership and detailed examples of design leaders in action. The future is bright for people that can turn insight into action. 1. Design Leadership: Securing the Strategic Value of Design, Raymond Turner. The book is based on Raymond Turner’s extensive experience and insights into the effective use … Read More