Active work


Passively engaged people are generally waiting for things happen.  They may take what comes their way without asking questions.  The future is what is. Actively working to make things happen is something different.  It means being present, advocating for yourself and looking out for the next opportunity.  The future is something to be shaped. Choosing to be active versus passive … Read More

The divide


Is it still possible to build a company that is capable of creating long-term value? The startup culture seems to be focused on quick money, faster profits, and selling out when the time is right. And then you move on to the next project. Maybe this works because this is what people value. This way of operating has turned our … Read More

Day to day realities

modern architecture

Several things are apparent to business owners:  serving your customers, making money, covering your costs, and finding the next customer. You could probably also include:  having a vision, developing a plan, executing, and following through. Where do new ideas, design, and innovation fit in? The first thing to understand is that they serve the needs of the business.  New ideas for … Read More