This is a quote by Phillip Evans on p. 294 of Walter Kiechel’s The Lords of Strategy that I come back to on occasion. “In this emerging world,” according to Evans, “the key way to think about competitive advantage is to think about how to design an ecology in such a way to achieve goals you’re trying to pursue. To say that … Read More



Understanding what you do, and then what you choose not to do is a critical step in developing a higher level of awareness of your organization. It will help leaders better understand how to adapt, how to develop opportunities, and comprehend the impact that they make as a result of their decisions or actions. At this level, it’s less about competition and … Read More

Active work


Passively engaged people are generally waiting for things happen.  They may take what comes their way without asking questions.  The future is what is. Actively working to make things happen is something different.  It means being present, advocating for yourself and looking out for the next opportunity.  The future is something to be shaped. Choosing to be active versus passive … Read More