Automated life

hanging clocks

Yesterday was a blur. And so was the day before. Now that you mention it, so was last year. Where did the time go? Time didn’t go anywhere, but you did. Waking up and living in the same routine day in and day out is easy. When I start to forget what I’ve done or why I’m doing something, then … Read More

The words we tell ourselves

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Reinvention is hard work. It requires one to get out of their comfort zone and explore something new. It also requires changes in behavior. This is the tough part. Thinking differently is one thing, but physically manifesting those changes is something else altogether. I have faith in people and that they know what they need to do in order to … Read More

Culture is tied to behavior

people working together

Designing a culture starts with creating an environment where people’s behaviors are able to change. If behavior changes, then so does the culture.  Starting with how people act is the key. What outcome do you want to achieve?  Once you figure out where you want to go then you can determine what adjustments you need to make to get there.