Service sells

concrete wall

Many industries are figuring out what sells: service. This includes not only the services or products that a company is delivering but also how they are delivered. Across the multiple sectors of the hospitality industry, for example, people are paying attention to what they are doing and how you are doing it. Hotels and restaurants are creating experiences for guests … Read More

Found objects


I find things all the time. Living in an urban area, people seem to drop items in parks, alleys or along street curbs. Sometimes you will find a single glove, pocket change, or perhaps a charging cable. I’ve also found books and empty water bottles left behind on park benches. The extent to which some people litter is surprising. I … Read More

Process and outcome

cup of coffee

Processes are repeatable, and outcomes are generally not.  Factors may change along the way that impacts what you are able to do.  However, the steps people take can be recreated regardless of the context.  A process can also serve to bring people together and that alone can be more valuable than any amount of profit.  A process can build a … Read More