Reframing problems

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In order to reframe my perspective on a problem, I will often ask myself how can I complete the same task with half the amount of resources. This may include cutting the budget or the staff assigned to the project in half or reducing the amount of time that something is due. Imposing extreme constraints on a project can have the … Read More

The growth problem


Creating growth in business is no more complicated than planting and maintaining a garden. Most importantly there is the issue of context.  Are you aware of what your environment will support?  Are you planting indoors or outdoors?  What time of year is it? Next, what are you looking to grow?  Is this the right climate and time of year to … Read More

Keep it simple

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We’re living in a time where people are driven to make things more complicated than they need to be. Although the internet has enabled people to have a kind of digital freedom, many are now in the business of filling that void with an enormous quantity of content. Most of it would be better if people took the time to … Read More