Minimizing or maximizing

vines growing along path

The choices people make can either minimize or maximize their organization. At times, it’s necessary to reduce or make cuts in order to grow. Working moment to moment without seeing the big picture can stunt your growth. Looking at the choices you need to make and realizing the possible impact of those actions enables you to make the best possible choices … Read More

Choosing simplicity

city at night

Concrete, glass, cars, trucks, garage, offices, buildings, stairs, ramps, roads, highways, signs, water, ponds, lights, transparency, and reflections. Urban environments are complex. Winston Churchill said, “we shape our buildings and they shape us.” However, keeping things simple is a choice that you can make every day. [Photo: Tysons Corner in Northern Virginia]        

How do you make money?

whiteboard notes startup

A lot of people talk about design and innovation, but fewer can translate it into economic value in the form of a new product or service. Living in the realm of ideas is very comfortable. The impressions of what could be are constantly moving, shifting, fading in and out, or blending and combining with other ideas. Some thoughts may crystallize and harden … Read More