Use the language of design to create what’s next

When you come to understand that all architects are doing is playing with patterns, space, voids, solids, organizational systems, then you can apply that mode of thinking to other disciplines.  When you can see these building blocks, or hidden structures, then reality is very easy to manipulate and shape.   The tough thing is getting other people to see what you … Read More

Learning as you go

A small success can lead to more success.  When you complete small tasks, larger ones may follow.  This may come out of your own ambition, or it may be that whomever you are working with believes that you are ready for more.  Is there a right way to increase the level of responsibility that you get over time?  When you … Read More

Understanding Polarization

The OED defines polarization as “division into two sharply contrasting groups or sets of opinions or beliefs.” In physics, it can mean “the action of restricting the vibrations of a transverse wave, especially light, wholly or partially to one direction” or “the action of causing something to acquire polarity.” I’ve noticed the word polarization used in several different contexts recently.  … Read More