Building excitement in design

light and excitement

It’s difficult to please everyone.  The most successful products please a core group of people that are committed to your brand and product.  Others are along for the ride for various reasons—they like the way it looks, the way it works, how it is priced (high or low), the specific way it solves their personal problem, or possibly because all … Read More

The post-decentralized organization, Part 2

paint splatter organization

The challenge with continued decentralization is that eventually there will be no organization.  It will consist of a dispersed field of points.  It’s not chaotic because I presume that people are at least connected through technology.  Does the form of a company matter if you are still getting paid?  Maybe not. If you are a leader in this organization and … Read More

Stop spending money on marketing

marketing sign at night

A well-crafted product or service doesn’t need to be marketed because people are talking about it. Put your money into design instead. This will enable you to figure out how to better serve your customers.