Listen freely

David Bohm was a renowned theoretical physicist during the 20th century that made significant contributions in quantum theory, neuropsychology, and the philosophy of mind. His work has always been the place where I’ve started when thinking about organizational transformation, dialogue, and the nature of creativity. This is a key quote on removing barriers and listening: “When we come together to … Read More

Stepping Forward Requires Strength, Awareness, and Commitment

Happy Thanksgiving! I want to extend a special thanks to my RSS and email subscribers. This blog project is a work in progress–thanks for sticking with me as it evolves!  ***** As events unfold around the world and flood or seep into our awareness, leaders are faced with the choice to react, respond, or do nothing with the information moving … Read More

Three Perspectives on Community

These three powerful videos will give you a different perspective on community. 1.  Peter Pelberg believes technology can connect us in new ways to unlock human potential. 2.  If you don’t like the way things are, then start a town. 3.  When a problem presents itself, do you stand by and watch it happen or do you tackle it head … Read More