Leadership lessons from a blizzard: slow down or do nothing.

The recent blizzard in Washington, DC left behind 20″+ of snow over 36 hours. During this period of time, residents were faced with commutes on icy roads; partially plowed streets; digging out snow-covered sidewalks and cars; and spending time with family or friends. It is hard to keep up with the clearing of snow when it is coming down around … Read More

Heroes can have a thousand faces.

The video below is an outstanding interpretation of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces. This book was the primary inspiration for George Lucas’s Star Wars. The themes presented in the book are still relevant today.

Inflexibility limits. Be flexible.

Why can inflexibility be a bad thing? It… …prevents you from seeing all sides of a problem. …can keep you from developing understanding. …can limit the ability to empathize. …inhibits learning. …limits growth. …can cause damage to critical joints. …can cause severe emotional reactions. …keeps you thinking in a linear manner. …prevents you from adapting on the fly. …can reinforce … Read More