Creating patterns and changing culture

wood structure in water

Ebb and flow. Expansion and contraction. Day and night. Light and Dark. Patterns define our lives. Annual occurrences such as the four seasons, anniversaries, birthdays, weather phenomena, and annual political, economic, or sporting events provide more depth and substance to what people view as existence. As waveforms, patterns dissipate over time and can be an opportunity for growth when synchronized … Read More

The nature of competition

soccer field

A successful venture capitalist makes investments in several companies working in the same industry. A leader tasks several competing people within an organization to come up with ideas to solve a problem. An individual develops three viable options for a new service. Competition can bring the best ideas forward.  When presented with a range of options, time will often tell … Read More

Quality connections


The connections that are built between people are only as strong as you want them to be. Moving through life, I find myself creating strong and weak bonds with different groups of people. I maintain working relationships with people around the world that I have never met in person.  They are reliable and productive, but I truly don’t know them.  Perhaps … Read More