The born identity

We are all born with a unique identity that shapes our sense of self and how we interact with the world around us. This identity is shaped by our genes, our families, and our culture. Our genes determine our physical characteristics, such as our hair and eye color. They also influence our personality traits, such as whether we are outgoing … Read More

The illusion of progress

The illusion of progress is a powerful thing. It can drive people to push themselves harder than they ever thought possible, in pursuit of a goal that may seem just out of reach. It can also lead to disappointment and frustration when that goal seems to slip away, no matter how hard we try. The truth is, progress is often … Read More

Toccata with a side of fugue

Toccatas and fugues are two of the most popular types of classical music. Technically speaking, a toccata is a fast piece that often features complex flourishes and rapid runs. A fugue, on the other hand, is a counterpoint composition that contains multiple melodies which creates a dense texture of sound. Both toccatas and fugues often make use of repetitive motifs, … Read More