Making memories

yellow leaves on ground

For one day of the year, my street is coated in gold.  The 70-year-old gingko trees that line our small one-way street shed their leaves in one night and cover the cars, sidewalks, and street with bright yellow leaves.  A day or so later the leaves are gone as they are raked and bagged.  Passing cars quickly blow them away … Read More

Networked living

webs on plants

Networks come in various shapes, sizes, or types: biological, neural, computer, electrical, radio, social, telecommunications, and television. There is an endless number of things that can be linked: parts of the body, cultures, people, organizations, computers, devices, thermostats, homes, equipment, engines, and even other networks. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes network, when used as a noun, as an arrangement of intersecting horizontal … Read More

Uniform vs. unique

umbrellas on the ceiling

There is nothing wrong with being uniform. A uniform level of service can be unique. Consistently unique service can also be uniform. When leaders or organizations can’t provide either uniform or unique levels of service, then you may have a problem. Consistency is the key.