Where do I look for innovation? Art, music, architecture, fiction, and film. I look to see not only what these artists, authors, architects, and directors are creating, but I’m looking more closely at how they do it. Are they developing new ways of collaborating or partnering with others that can inform how I should be doing business? Have they developed … Read More

Evolving culture

green leaf

Culture evolves with people.  Failing to adapt can lead an organization to homogeneity.  Not having a diversity of ideas can cause groupthink and stunt your growth. Regardless of a business’s clear goals and strong profits, a culture needs to adapt to the changing needs of its people.  The moment that diverse teams become homogeneous and categorical you lose flexibility.  They might be easier … Read More



Free-form group dialogue requires patience and also a willingness by participants to let thoughts run their course. It’s not for everyone. The power of dialogue is that it can be used to discuss not only current issues and challenges but also where you want to be. Through inclusiveness and listening to others speak, leaders can design organizational futures. This puts … Read More