Creating space

gravel path in landscape

Creating space could: Help you stand out from the crowd Separate you from others Enable you to receive a pass Spread an offense or defense Define an area Give you time to yourself Help you see the signal in the noise Creating space requires you to push or step away from people, places, and things.  A few thoughts to consider: … Read More

The importance of traditions

washington redskins football game

Traditions come in many forms and they vary by culture, organization, family, and individual.  They can mark the passage of time (Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter) or refer to the way something is done (exchange of gifts, pledging to improve something in the new year).  Traditions can also be passed down over generations and evolve over time. They are important because … Read More

Unpacking culture

tables reflected in the glass

Some cultures can be tough to decipher—not unlike this picture that was taken at a local coffee shop. What’s going on in the image?  I was sitting inside the Philz at the Navy Yard on a weekend morning and captured this scene through three pieces of storefront glass.   It takes a few glances to make sense of the various forms … Read More