Overcoming average

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When an organization begins to default towards the average then people get comfortable.  You have a job, you are responsible for a few things, and it becomes a sustainable lifestyle.  No need to think out of the box because that’s someone else’s job.  Maintaining what you have and protecting your turf takes precedence over moving the organization forward. Overcoming average is … Read More

A culture of innovation

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Building a culture of innovation starts with creating the process and structure to support it. It’s not enough to simply talk about it. Change management, innovation, transformation, and solving problems start with knowing and living your organizational values. This is important because your values will frame how you perceive problems. You also need to be close to your customers and … Read More

When rules need to change


New political realities, economic downturns, loss of revenue, or failure of leadership can cause people or institutions to become paralyzed. Figuring out how to change with the times is necessary for the survival of individuals and society. “It has been said that our critical survival ability can only be learned socially; this socially learned ability—culture—has two dimensions: 1. Cognitive: The … Read More