Let’s make a difference and do it the right way

I spotted an opportunity to make a difference. What’s next? How will people perceive me if I speak up? We’ve done it this way for years. My boss doesn’t like to hear new ideas, but the person above him does. I tried suggesting an idea once but the people I work with didn’t like it. What’s the best way to … Read More

Developing observation and listening skills for effective leadership

observation and listening

It’s essential to develop your observation and listening skills. Utilize your eyes and ears to better understand the dynamics of the workplace and make informed decisions. Trust Your Observations – While it’s important to consider other people’s opinions, rely on your own observations as well. Observe your work environment and form your own interpretations. Pay attention to how people respond … Read More

Actions speak louder than words

Behaviors shape the culture of an office and the decisions we make every day contribute to the environment we experience. No one wants to feel isolated at work, but it can happen due to physical barriers, differences in work styles, or even just temporary unavailability. Actively isolating people can damage a team’s integrity and morale. As a leader, will you … Read More