Reinforce good habits

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Good habits are like building blocks that form the foundation of our success. They are the small, consistent actions that we take daily that accumulate into something significant over time. However, it’s easy to slide back into dysfunctional routines, especially when we are faced with challenges and obstacles. That’s why it’s essential to reinforce our good habits regularly and not … Read More

When faced with limited resources

when faced with limited resources

When you face limited resources, it’s tempting to scale back your ambitions and settle for incremental progress. But here’s the thing: ambition isn’t the enemy of resource constraints–it’s the antidote. When you set your sights high and aim for the moon, you’ll be forced to think creatively and innovate in ways you never would have otherwise. It’s only by pushing … Read More

Establishing a sense of urgency


A sense of urgency can propel people into greatness or demotivate them entirely. It all depends on how the message is delivered to the people doing the work. The most successful leaders can fine-tune their choice of words, tone, and delivery to resonate with their audience. The least successful may not be aware that how you talk to people can … Read More