Emerging Market: Social Innovation Design Firms

With design firms being purchased by larger corporate entities more frequently, what kinds of firms are left to push the envelope of design? I believe that it is the social design innovation firm. This is where the most space exists for a design firm to make a positive impact on people’s lives. All have impressive client lists and I highly encourage you … Read More

Simple Solutions

Why do people make things complicated? Because it is easier to develop a complex solution than it is to create something simple. The creation of a simple, elegant solution requires discipline and the ability to make hard choices about what you really need. 


I recently finished watching Alex Gibney’s 2015 film Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine. The tagline for the movie is “Bold. Brilliant. Brutal.” The movie was informative and I learned one key piece of information about Jobs:  he was relentless. Whether creating, selling, or handling professional and personal relationships, Jobs possessed an intensity that drove him to never stop pushing the … Read More