The Language of Landscape and Business

Anne Whiston Spirn speaks of the language of the landscape as parts of speech, each with separate functions and associations. “Flowing, like a verb, is expressed in both water and path. Water and path, like nouns are actions’ agents and objects; like adjectives or adverbs, their qualities of wetness or breadth extend meaning. Elements do not exist in isolation, but … Read More

Emerging Market: Social Innovation Design Firms

With design firms being purchased by larger corporate entities more frequently, what kinds of firms are left to push the envelope of design? I believe that it is the social design innovation firm. This is where the most space exists for a design firm to make a positive impact on people’s lives. All have impressive client lists and I highly encourage you … Read More

Simple Solutions

Why do people make things complicated? Because it is easier to develop a complex solution than it is to create something simple. The creation of a simple, elegant solution requires discipline and the ability to make hard choices about what you really need.