Staying grounded

Need to make a change? Break the pattern. Alter the routine. A subtle change in tone or attitude can have a large impact. Rather than working to change a person, maybe you look at changing their environment instead. Many people don’t respond well to being told what to do, but they can react to new conditions that affect their behavior. … Read More

The forces at work


Not all organizations need to be disrupted. Nor do they immediately need new products or services to stay competitive. If you are thinking that some kind of change needs to take place, start with taking a look at the big picture. For now, forget about what your competitors are doing. Clear thinking and a macro level view can have a … Read More

The best defense


Defending yourself during a meeting means that you have to be prepared. What’s the best way to get ready? Know your material better than anyone else and be able to explain how your idea will work. Anything less and you stand to leave yourself open to criticism.