Process vs. progress

growth on tree

It’s easy to mistake creating a process for making progress.  A process can help you define a workflow and add clarity.  It’s a step an organization can take to standardize how something should be done and communicate it to others.  A process is a snapshot in time.  Creating a process can feel like progress and contribute to growth.  But, it’s … Read More

Building community


Building community is a participatory effort. Being able to handle diverse opinions is critical to building a business, group, or movement that is resilient and able to stay continuously competitive. How do you bring people together?  

Supporting change


Please don’t change!  You’ll be easier to manage. That’s not something that is heard often.  People may say that they are ready for change but is an organization ready for that change to occur? People evolve over time and as they gather experience.  The leadership challenge is to figure out how to support people as they continue to evolve.