Scaling up

Reflection in glass

Scaling up a business can be a daunting task.  What makes your business successful at one level may be different than when working at another level. Different inputs are required in order to make things work. Why do people not talk as much about “scaling down” in business?  My sense is that people and organizations only think of scaling down … Read More

Breaking down barriers

fence on window

Breaking down barriers between people requires patience and the ability to listen. When trying to build a relationship with someone I often ask, “What can I do for you?” This communicates to them that I am not interested in competing with them, but rather working to build a mutually beneficial relationship. This attitude is also the basis for developing a … Read More

Notes from a design studio


Good ideas can come and go in an instant.  The moment that a thought comes to mind I make an effort to add it to my notes for use later.  Sometimes I’ll come back to it and use it for its intended purpose.  The note may be of use now or some point in the future. Building on random thoughts and … Read More