Constant change

changing leaves

People are blogging, vlogging, designing, and innovating. Organizations are creating labs that will invent new products or services. Ambitious designers and consultants are creating new ways of thinking about how to solve problems. Templates are being used that can help everyone solve everyone’s problems. Leaders and employees alike want to make an impact and have their input matter. When this … Read More

The next best version


A change of state is the physical process where matter moves from one state to another. Examples of such changes include melting, freezing, evaporation/boiling, condensation, sublimation, and deposition. Shifting temperatures and increased pressure are the usual causes of this kind of phase change in matter. People and organizations can also change their state when subjected to stress. Typical causes include, but are not … Read More

11 questions about creating change

ramp at night with lights

What version of the world are you building? What does this look like? How does your organization fit into this vision? What is the change that you are working to create? Does this change align with your personal and business goals? If they don’t align, what would it take to get there? What are you doing on a day to … Read More