Organizational states

pile of bicycles

Organizations exist in a variety of states: Great vision but no strategy. Great strategy but no plans. Great plans but uninterested employees. Great employees but no plans. Great plans but no strategy. Great strategy but no vision. Ideally, an effective organization’s vision, strategy, plans, and employees are in alignment. Otherwise, they won’t exist in the long-term. [Photo: Bicycles in a … Read More

How to build a following

people walking

Developing a following is not as simple as coming up with a good idea or creating an innovative product and waiting for people to discover it. You need to work directly with customers and build a relationship with them in order for people to consider working with you. The nature of building a following is changing because of the number … Read More

Your structure

steel framework of a bullding

I once had an office that overlooked the construction site of a 30-story building.  Over a period of 18 months, I watched the clearing of the site; the excavation to the bedrock; the pouring of the foundation; and the assembly of the steel structure.  Eventually, the building was clad in glass and was either transparent or reflective depending on how … Read More