Changing scales

How do you think? Moment to moment? Minute to minute? Day by day? Is your organization thinking quarterly or yearly? What happens when you focus on building a business that will last decades? The scale of time can be used to frame your view of your organization. A problem that may exist in the day-to-day viewpoint may become less important … Read More

Develop your soft skills

beach sand

In a world where traditional centers of power and influence are being broken down or no longer have meaning for people, leaders are left with the difficult task of guiding the way to or even creating the new reality. As new forms of business or technology emerge, previously relevant organizations will either dissolve or adapt. The key to survival will … Read More



The beauty of constantly tinkering with new ideas is that you end up with, well, a lot of ideas.  Some you can use right away and others are probably fine buried in a notebook.  The timing may not be right for ideas that are ahead of the market.  At that point, it’s best to hold tight until a window of … Read More