Dancing with the opposition

dancing with the opposition

Learning to dance with the opposition is a great way of getting the most out of any type of negotiation, conflict, or disagreement. By deciding on an approach that allows all participants to make compromises and reach a satisfactory outcome for everyone, you will often find that there are positive results and minimal negative emotions involved. It’s not always easy, … Read More

Turning negatives into positives

turning negatives into positives

My bike’s tires were in need of a change. I usually replace innertubes at the same time. I had no issues with installing the new tires, but both new innertubes plus the spare would each not hold air. So that’s three brand new innertubes that had leaky valves. It was very frustrating as I was looking to get out to … Read More

When momentum shifts

when momentum shifts

If you lose momentum, then you can lose motivation. However, understand that momentum can come and go. It’s ok to take a moment to appreciate the downtime. Staying focused on the big picture and the value you are providing to others can help you when there is no wind in your sails. It will also help get you ready for … Read More