Take care of your customers

rehoboth beach boardwalk

The boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is one of the oldest boardwalks in the United States.  The town itself was originally founded as a Methodist religious camp in 1873.  The boardwalk runs for about a mile along the beach and also serves as a good example for why you should take care of your existing customers. Along this stretch you … Read More

Growth means change

plant growing in rocks

Many people are comfortable talking about growth, but not what it takes to make it happen. Thinking differently, exploring new ideas, and working through failure is part of the process. The comfort of the known can hold you back if you aren’t at ease with not knowing what will happen next. Do you pivot?  When?  What is the financial impact?  … Read More

The people you serve

light in restaurant

Take a look at the image in this post. This light fixture was designed.  So was the wall, window, and building in the background.  There’s not a lot in the man-made world that wasn’t given careful thought–for better or for worse.  I happen to like the way this fixture looks and think it works well in this restaurant where I … Read More