Why Fortnite matters

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Yesterday I read that Netflix believes that Fortnite is a bigger rival than HBO.  People are spending more time playing the game than watching Netflix, HBO, or Hulu programming.  What’s the appeal of Fortnite?  As an online shooter game that feels like it has been combined with Minecraft, it gives people freedom.  It enables people to make choices and create … Read More


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Dysfunction in families, businesses, and government can occur because people stop caring about what they are doing. Maybe people feel that their voices aren’t being heard or that no one respects them or their opinions. Whatever the case, it leads to people losing interest in the real purpose of the organization. A separate condition, but related to this, is that I … Read More

The small stuff

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Building a community starts with the choices that you make on a daily basis.  I work to make any encounter with a person or digital contact, however random, a quality interaction.  I follow-up after meetings, return emails, thank people for their time, and let them know when I like what they are doing.  These small actions and positive support when … Read More