Patience and grit

metal being hammered

A muddled strategic approach is cumbersome, inward-facing, and lacks a sense of urgency. An overly bureaucratic organization can kill innovation. Not looking outwards causes trends to be missed. A lack of drive can stall the best change efforts. Overcoming organizational resistance often starts with bold ideas and decisive leadership. Executing them requires patience and grit.

Inflection points

gear shift for car

The point at which an organization shifts from one state of being to the next can be hard to ascertain.  When you are mired in day-to-day activities and operations then individual events can flow together almost seamlessly.  This makes it difficult to sort out when you may take a turn towards greatness or for the worse. Stepping back on occasion … Read More

Core purpose

lens in focus

What is your reason for being? Do you intend to solve a problem? What motivates your organization? What does your company value? What motivates your executives to invest their time in the organization? What does your company make? Why does your company make this product or perform this service? What can you accomplish collectively that you can’t do separately? Can … Read More