Creating Growth

Hi, I’m Scott–Advisor, speaker, and writer.

I use the power of design as a catalyst for change and help leaders like you spark growth and develop the next best version of your organization.

I’ve worn many hats: historian, architect, Naval Officer, planner, and most recently, as a consultant. My training in history and architecture has given me an understanding of how systems evolve, and how context affects cultural, economic, and social change.

My 22 years of experience leading teams and guiding innovation initiatives have informed my approach to developing effective organizational strategies and change initiatives. I use my knowledge of interpreting context to craft a path forward that enables long-term growth.

I’m currently writing a book about the importance of context in innovation and was profiled by Irish Tech News.

To learn more about context, go here.

Topics of Interest


Open source communities, new business models and platforms, and how people restructure their organizations in the face of rapid change.


Understanding how leaders and communities solve problems and manage uncertainty in a constantly changing economic, political, and social environment.


The impact of design on business, culture, organizations, and services.


Exploring the human factors that drive technology and innovation.

The Focus of the Blog

I blog about growth, innovation, and generating new ideas through the lenses of business, design, culture, and technology. Each post explores the interconnections between issues and market sectors with intent to give one a broader perspective on a particular topic. This broader awareness, or understanding, of how problems fit into a larger picture is what drives my work. I help people see the connections between disparate elements so that they can make more informed decisions as leaders.

Travel & Education

I have currently traveled to over thirty countries on four continents for various consulting projects in the public and private sector. This experience has reinforced my view that small actions in our daily lives can make an impact on people in other parts of the world due to the role of technology in our increasingly interconnected society.

I received a Master of Architecture degree with a focus on culture, landscape, and environmental design; and a B.A. in History with an emphasis on Modern Europe.