Cultural differences occur when the values of one or more people differ from the values of others. The greater the difference in values between these people, then the greater the shock they will face when confronted with different outlooks or ways of doing things.

Overcoming cultural differences are a matter of empathy. Do you have the ability to reach out and seek understanding from those different from you? Hopefully, others are willing to make the same effort.

The culture wars that are shaping up across the planet are a result of people not fully understanding what people really need. When people feel like they are no longer heard or that their interests aren’t being represented, then change will be coming.

As a leader, you should be seeking to simultaneously bridge the gap between those with different values than you and also protecting and listening to the needs of your own employees and constituents. Balancing both perspectives is difficult, but necessary. When done right, the ties that bind a civil society together can be resilient and strong.

Culture is everything. People need to be careful with what they are building so as not to turn people away. This is how we devolve and fracture as a society.

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